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    As Doğuş, in Corporate Network Solutions with 35 years of experience; we offer price/performance oriented, innovative solutions at global standards. 

    Thanks to the changing technologies in Network çözümleri ve ağ çözümleri in the last 10 years, our ability to make price/performance-oriented projects that provide uninterrupted service to our valuable customers has increased. Our habit of working with a focus on global standards will provide additional conveniences as well as solving all problems.

    It offers you a full range of design, implementation and support services for LAN and WAN, Wi-Fi, IT security and storage solutions. Our primary goal is to build and support secure systems for our customers. Technologies we provide include routing, switching, IT security infrastructure, Wi-Fi and system and data storage solutions. We are now ideally placed to advise and support our customers as they tackle the challenge of building a fast, reliable and critically secure system. We partner with many of our industry-leading suppliers in order to offer you the most accurate solutions for design, product positioning, installation, network and system security, management and monitoring.

    Advantages in Corporate Network and Network Solutions:

    • Conducting situation analyses with professional software programs

    • Accurate design assurance to ensure maximum speed with minimum cost

    • Ensuring efficiency with seamless access

    • thanks to manageable systems

    • Support your solutions on-site or remote with world-class warranties and staff

    • Trouble-free operation of systems thanks to our maintenance services
    Solutions we offer within the scope of Network and Network Solutions:

    • IP Phone and Switchboard
    • Video Conferencing Edge Solutions and Software
    • IOT Devices and Systems
    • Remote access: Includes basic
    • High-speed solutions for remote offices and mobile workers.

    FMV Schools Foundation - Reference Project

    Within the body of Fevziye Schools Foundation, it was using the network and Wi-Fi infrastructure it created with different brands and products designed according to the conditions of the time. There were difficulties with processes due to network issues consisting of individual devices and structures. Non-manageable devices occasionally caused an improbable chain of problems.

    Instant solutions often lead to permanent problems. While time was spent finding out the root cause of disruptions to the system, the source could not be identified. At this point, our approach was first to find a permanent, innovative, rational solution that facilitates business processes.

    At this point the Fevziye Schools Foundation has met with different brands in search of a turnkey solution that meets today’s quests. But as I mentioned above, the details are important; At this point, the solutions Cisco Meraki offers stand out as easy and understandable.

    That’s why FMV chose Cisco Meraki. The entire FMV communication network infrastructure has been redesigned on Meraki network switches. We have created a completely renewed network infrastructure in the system room and campus with MS425s running redundant stack and fiber in the backbone, MS350s running stacks in campus buildings, and MS225s and MS125s in endpoints. We created a stellar topology through cross-campus fiber wiring. Click here to review the full project story.