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    Industrial Monitor is a solution that aims to expand the viewing angle created by the combination of multiple screens. While it is mostly used with rental method in the entertainment sector, it is used for different purposes in security, health, finance, transportation and real estate sectors. We can say that it has a very important activity especially in the security sector.

    The greatest convenience of Industrial Monitors is that they can be created in different sizes and architectural aesthetics. For example, 4X3 or 2X2 can be created as 3X3. It can also be used in different visuals in the form of separate whole or plus. For example, while it can be used in different ways in a museum or stadium, a wide viewing angle can be reached with a 4X4 layout in the security area.

    Although the costs seem high, the industrial monitor can be produced as cost-critical thanks to the result obtained and the variety of screens. Important brands such as LG, Samsung, Vestel have industrial monitor services. As doğuş, we determine your needs correctly by using our experience while creating your project and save you from unnecessary expenses. The industrial monitor is usually applied in the form of LED or LCD. The most preferred application types are: LED Video Wall, Standard Video Wall, Cube Wall, Art Video Wall, Menu Board, Scada Video Wall.

    Industrial Monitors are a wide area of encompassing videowall. It is very important to listen to your project in detail and to select the devices under appropriate conditions. This is why it is absolutely necessary for our expert staff to meet with you and, if necessary, to come to free exploration.

    We are with you for your project from beginning to end in either consultancy or operational processes.