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    Data roaming in all areas of campus, building, office, system room or data center is one of the most important issues today. With which technology will the transfer between the systems be provided, how will the cable routes be, will the service be obtained if there is a problem in the future? We stand by you as your supporter, your solution partner in all processes as Doğuş.

    Communication Infrastructure Systems and Structured Cabling The benefits we offer :

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    Kurumsal Network Bağlamında Sunduğumuz Hizmetler:

    • IP Telefon ve Santral
    • Video Konferans Çözümleri
    • Yedekleme Sistemleri
    • IOT Cihazları ve Sistemleri
    • Sanallaştırma Çözümleri
    • Remote Work Çözümleri
    • Hyper-Converged Çözümler ile İş Gücü Optimizasyonu

    Structured Cabling Solutions

    Simply put, structured cabling is a cabling infrastructure that allows for simple changes in an IT network, providing a regular, standardized approach to wiring. It is a communication infrastructure that allows you to transmit video, audio, data, signals and is responsible for sending data between systems. It gives you the capacity to access the internet, transfer data, make calls, etc.

    Here are some of the benefits of structured cabling:

    1. Scalable: With increasing demand, you can add as many devices as you can.
    2. It helps to increase the productivity of the employee.
    3. High flexibility
    4. Easy bug tracking and correction.
    5. Reduced risk of network outages

    The wiring infrastructure, which constitutes 5% of the total structure, constitutes 70% and more of the failures and maintenance costs. Irregular, unplanned, and faulty wiring can cause serious costs. Therefore, as Doğuş, we have been working with many international brands from copper cable technology to fiber optic solutions for over 30 years, providing you with specific, lasting solutions.

    Smart Structured Cabling and Infrastructure Service

    The term “smart” is a word that should not be overlooked when designing commercial buildings of today and tomorrow. A smart building includes IT-based systems, services and technology to reduce operating costs, optimize space, and increase energy efficiency at all stages of its lifecycle.

    Smart buildings require an intelligent infrastructure that can support an integrated network of building systems. The cabling infrastructure becomes the foundation of a smart building.

    A smart building is only as smart as infrastructure design and component choices. The challenge of designing the cabling infrastructure for a smart building is that applications can have their own unique cabling and layout.

    At this point, as Doğuş, the end-to-end service that we will offer you with our holistic approach and our expert teams will be at international standards.

    We are here to help you!

    As Doğuş, We Are with You from Beginning to End of Your Project We have carried out over 600 major projects for over 35 years. We documented it by getting outputs at international standards.

    We have conducted construction of data centers of global brands such as TUBORG, ING BANK, SOCAR. We have completed the Cisco Meraki project for FMV Işık schools in the early days of 2022.
    We say, “expertise makes a difference” and we continue to gain new experiences in every job. We handle our business with a strategic partner approach and act together with you from the very beginning to the end. We do not break our ties against the problems that may arise after the completion of the project. We act together with you at every moment.
    With many years of technical expertise, certified and experienced staff, we are saving you money on remote monitoring software, system monitoring and IT resource investments. As a result of the situation analysis we make with professional software programs, we guarantee to provide minimum cost and maximum speed.

    Through this, we ensure uninterrupted and efficient maintenance of access, supporting our solutions with world-class warranties and staff, on-site or remotely if necessary, and our demo and training services are always on your side.

    Recognizing the difficulty of being a trusted firm, we are delivering our projects on time with the strength and tenacity of our agreements with the industry’s leading firms.

    FAQ Section

    As technology advances, the demand for increased data speeds continues to grow, and manufacturers continue to develop double-twist cables that can support these high speeds. Therefore, as technology continues to change and evolve, wiring standards differ due to three fundamental differences. Standard bandwidth (measured in MHZ) Maximum data rate (measured in megabits per second) Protectivity (Shielding) You can see the differences from the table we have prepared for you. Kategori Bant Genişliği Maksimum Veri Hızı KoruyuculukCat5e 100MHz (350 MHz’ye kadar) 1000Mbps UTP veya STPCat6 250MHz (550 MHz’ye kadar) 1000Mbps UTP veya STPCat6A 500MHz (550 MHz’ye kadar) 10Gbps UTP veya STPCat7 600MHz 10Gbps Sadece “Shielded”Cat8 2000MHz 25Gbps veya 40Gbps Sadece “Shielded”