Intelligent Building Automation

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    Smart Building Automation, also known as HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) automation, literally covers heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

    Smart Building Automation


    Smart building automation: It is a cost-critical solution and should be created by expert hands as it combines issues such as fire detection extinguishing, rope phone, card pass, security camera, air conditioning as we mentioned before. Therefore, as Doğuş Elektrik, with our more than 600 successful data center projects and more than 34 years of experience, we provide you with the most accurate service in this regard and protect against possible dangers.

    Like other building automation systems, thanks to the intelligent building automation system, all systems are connected to each other and controlled from a single point. Smart Building Automation is the system that allows the building to become a smarter, more comfortable and efficient place. Thus, the entire building can be intervened by dominating. It is a highly preferred and utilized system because it increases the efficiency considerably.

    It provides protection against all dangers that may damage human life or the building, such as theft, fire, gas leakage, possible water leaks. It is a shield against risky situations with its superior security service. Smart building automation is very important in terms of ensuring that the processes work well in terms of providing all control from a single point and it is essential to use these automations in buildings today.

    In particular, unauthorized transitions that may occur in data centers, any security problems, inefficient use of energy, air conditioning are all critical. Disaster situations such as fire can have very serious multifaceted consequences.

    Automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems can be installed in places such as those laid in rooms such as server rooms with important data in them. They are also tasked with minimizing the possibility of fire by laying in places such as cable channels, power rooms, data processing centers and electrical panels that require fine workmanship.

    Security camera systems provide internal and external security in many places such as homes and businesses. Everything can be monitored by placing and installing in the desired area to be secured. It also offers the possibility of recording. Security Camera, IP Camera, Wifi Camera, CCTV Solutions are produced for these systems. It complies with international standards and has the most accurate calculations on cost.

    IP telephony empowers businesses with a wider range of functionality and capabilities to make them much more efficient in modern work environments. IP phone network is a good option when it is desired to update telephone systems and save costs while doing this. In this way, communication is easily provided and there is no need to draw cables everywhere. The internet is used to use the IP telephone network, to make and receive calls. Thus, users can communicate with other IP phones in the business free of charge.

    Card access systems are a preferred system in the campus environment as well as allowing personnel to be followed, especially in workplaces. The flow of the building can be kept under control by preventing the entry of unauthorized persons other than the designated persons. Card access systems can work in an integrated way with biometric systems such as fingerprint, face, iris recognition and palm vein recognition.

    Other Solutions: In today’s technology age, new services emerge every day, lighting automations and different services are with you from the very beginning to the end in creating smart building automation systems that meet your needs.

    Smart Home Automation

    Smart Home Automation is also known as smart home technology within smart building automation. It is a system that provides remote monitoring and management of systems such as heating and lighting. All devices used interconnected to each other can be controlled from a single point in the system.

    Instead of devices operating separately, inputs can be taken from all devices in the home controlled by a smart home inspector and the necessary commands can be issued. In this way, everything will be under control.

    Smart Factory Applications

    Smart Factories minimize production downtime and provide energy efficiency with their smart building automation services. All possible wastes are eliminated. In terms of operation and efficiency level, it serves at a level that has not been reached so far. Smart Factory Applications collect and analyze data so that real-time production decisions can be made. According to the data obtained, the machines are taking action.

    Offering improved and higher efficiency, better product quality, 4.0 Industry aims to bring information technologies and industry together. And it adopts the principle that devices can communicate with each other over a common communication network.

    It is a system with many sub-headings such as internet of things, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. The purpose of these technologies is basically to enable more production at less cost. Machines work in an integrated way with each other, analyze the data and can report it to humans when necessary.

    Smart Warehouse Applications

    Smart Warehouse Applications are applications designed to minimize human error. It always determines the number and variety of products in the warehouse with the highest accuracy. The use of a barcode system distinguishes itself from traditional systems and provides more accurate information transfer. Thanks to Smart Warehouse Applications, special software and hardware can be added to the shelves where the products are located. Thus, the weights of the products are checked and employees can be warned when the weights fall below a certain limit. Thanks to the most accurate stock control, the processes are kept under control step by step and possible disruptions are prevented.

    In order for the system to start processing, the products must first be placed on specially designed and categorized shelves. Intelligent warehouse systems control these products, and employees can register them using the barcode system. The records saved in the system are always accessible via the internet. In this way, customers can find out at any time whether the product they want to buy is in stock or not, and human-induced errors are minimized. The quality of service provided is carried to higher levels.

    Smart building automation; It is common to use in places with many warehouses such as smart factory, production facility.

    Campus Applications

    Campus Applications are applications that enable smarter and safer service delivery for the needs of students and the campus. Security control systems and student management systems are combined to provide entry-exit security.

    In summary, building automation facilitates management activities in campus, data center, school, hospital, home, warehouse, factory and many different areas, reduces costs, and protects against disasters and accidents. For this reason, we recommend that you include solutions that offer modern solutions suitable for modern needs in your plans at the very beginning of your projects.