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    We handle the projects of your production facility or factory for low current solutions and building technologies at international standards. Get rid of the details, expertise makes the difference.

    Factory Installation from Scratch

    We are with you through every process from the very beginning to the very end as Doğuş. Regardless of the sector in which the structure will be, we offer full service in all low current solutions such as fire extinguishing, structured cabling, card access systems, security equipment.

    When your production facility or factory is built with the right building technologies, you will achieve permanent gains. While disaster risks such as fire, flood and earthquake are minimized in planned structures, deficits are kept to a minimum because security studies are planned in advance. With lighting and other industrial automation systems, costs will fall by up to 40%.

    All production efficiency can be tracked thanks to real-time monitoring technologies and the Internet of Things (IOT). Besides, you can get rid of unnecessary costs, as we mentioned earlier.

    The importance of air conditioning in a factory is also enormous. It can be cold storages, production lines or different departments according to the sector. All areas need to be in the right humidity and heat. Products awaiting transfer in a damp environment could be damaged in storage.

    For this reason, be sure to call and write to us so that we can jointly identify your needs or improvements to your existing structure.

    Smart Factory Installation

    In fact, wiring in a production facility or factory is only one of the works to be done at international standards. Errors to be made in communication infrastructure systems will constitute nearly 70% of all costs. That’s why there are so many things to look out for.

    Will the wiring be Cat6, Cat7 or Cat5e? What kind of security camera should be used, what kind of product should be preferred in IP phone solutions, what should be paid attention to in lighting automations, sprinklers in firefighting or FM 200? What about the System Room?

    We can only tell you that 11 items related to the weak current are very important. At this point, we take advantage of our 35 years of experience with a team of over 65 people to demonstrate our expertise. Whether it is smart factory installation or factory installation, we are with you in all your automation, structured cabling, and other solutions.