Data Center Solutions

As Doğuş Elektrik Elektronik, we offer the complete service of reconstructing or reorganizing data centers that are about to be built or already existing, in accordance with international standards.

Corporate Network Solutions

Our primary goal is to build and support secure systems for our customers. Technologies we provide include routing, switching, IT security infrastructure, Wi-Fi and system and data storage solutions.

Electronic Security Systems

Engineering, supply, installation and maintenance of Electronic Security Systems is one of our main business lines in Doğuş.

Communications Infrastructure Systems

Data roaming in all areas of campus, building, office, system room or data center is one of the most important issues today. With which technology will the transfer between the systems be provided, how will the cable routes be, will the service be obtained if there is a problem in the future? We stand by you as your supporter, your solution partner in all processes as Doğuş.

Energy Infrastructure Systems

As Doğuş Elektrik, we provide energy efficiency with the right solutions that come out with accurate measurements. We minimize your energy consumption through rapid design, installation, and integration.

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