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    Moving a workspace is essentially moving a business model, an operation. We are with you in the installation and transportation of all devices.

    Information Technologies Relocation Service

    When moving to a new office, we face many different challenges. At this point, the relocation of data centers actually becomes very risky projects. Transporting all passive and active hardware that sits on your systems seamlessly and without problems, requires serious planning. 

    At this point, Doğuş considers every area and every device as a new project and reflects its habitual international standard practices. It ensures that disassembly, packaging, insurance operations, transportation, post-transportation assembly, testing and commissioning processes are carried out smoothly and most importantly, uninterruptedly. It takes precautions by detecting the problems that will occur during transportation in advance.


    No, it doesn't matter. If you wish, we can move the data center in your own building, again, in your own building but to a different location, move it to a different building or move it to areas that provide professional data center services. 

    Before the systems are shut down, backups of the configurations of all devices must be taken using today's virtualization environments. Systems must be turned off for 1 or 2 days and then reopened to ensure device operation, so that if there is a problem with the system, it can be detected in advance. Planning must be done. If there is no physical inventory, it should be removed, application inventory should be created and the relationship of the devices to each other should be determined. At the same time, planning on physical infrastructure is being ignored. Therefore, the wiring plan must also be created before moving. Prior to transport, the underwriting must be completed. During transport, protection should be provided for any physical damage that may occur. Unfortunately, these insurance transactions do not cover data losses.