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    Today, environmental pollution caused by energy and energy consumption is becoming critical day by day and the importance of systems such as Lighting Automation is increasing. In these days when we move from fossil fuels to renewable and environmental energy sources, we care about reducing costs from houses to production areas to different structures.

    The amount of energy consumed in our country for lighting is around 20%, so one of the main issues of the Republic of Turkey continues to be energy saving systems. Of course, there are many ways to cut energy costs, but the “extinguish if it is unnecessary” logic is the easiest and most quickly applicable. When the lighting issue is considered as an automation, it can be projected once and secure the following years.
    Thanks to Lighting Automation, consumption can be managed in the following ways:

    • Illumination automation that flashes according to movement
    • Lighting automation that works according to the intensity of the surrounding light. (Street lights start working at the end of the day)
    • Time-adjusted systems.

    Projecting can cover all or one item according to the scenarios. The aim here is to optimize the costs while there is no problem during the meeting of the need for the production facility, parking lot, hospital, school, data center structure. Lighting automation can be applied in all structures, including the house.

    Light and Lighting Technologies

    As Doğuş, we produce cost-critical solutions together with you at every point of the weak current solutions, whether from the very beginning to the very end or from the point of the project that is according to your needs. In the field of Lighting Automation, we work with you in all processes such as the most accurate operation of the system on the architectural project, the creation of scenarios, monitoring and control. When such systems first appeared, changes could lead to many different costs, but today there are many different solutions, and therefore the way to improve the systems you are already using has been opened. You can ask us all the questions you want from the contact section on the right of our page. 

    Smart Structures

    As we have mentioned from the first moment, in addition to energy saving and environmental sensitivity, the importance of intelligent structures is very high for a barrier-free world. Lighting automation and different structural solutions stand out at these points. With IoT solutions, we can find solutions to disaster, health and savings issues. For this reason, the fact that your structure is smart will provide you with convenience in many different areas in the long term.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Lighting automation is actually not only used to save energy. For example, in the event of a fire disaster, the lighting of the stairs can be provided. Thus, different accidents are prevented. In addition to the stairs, directions to the emergency exit doors can also be provided by the correct use of lighting. The fact that the energy is cut off will also prevent different accidents.