Access Control Systems:

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    The access control system provides control and follows the people who enter and exit certain areas. It ensures the continuity of a regular and system-wide flow.

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    Access control systems appears as card access control system, fingerprint access control system and face recognition access control systems. The general name of fingerprint, face recognition, eye scanning access control systems is ISTE biometric access control system.

    The access control system brings with it many conveniences. It allows the staff to control many situations such as entrances and exits, visitors, vehicle entrances and exits. Access control systems are being used in more and more areas every day and are finding a place for themselves. The facilities it offers cause it to be preferred in every field.

    In general, the system allows people to control the entrance and exit to a specific place and report information about these entrances and exits. It is located inside the systems of smart buildings, smart factories, smart warehouses and ensures integrity. It is a common system to use in turnstiles, gates, elevators, parking lots or places where entry is restricted. The Istanbul card applied by IBB in public transportation vehicles is actually a card-based transit system.

    Biometric Access Control System


    Biometric access control system is the name given to the general system used to make follow-up. Face reading devices, finger reading devices and card pass system devices are included in the biometric access control system. Which of these devices will be used is completely shaped according to the need. The level of security that needs to be provided will also be decisive at this point. Selection can be made according to the security level required by the place where the follow-up process will be performed.

    Biometric access control system devices can be used at the entrance and exit of the doors in the area to be monitored as well as on the turnstiles.

    Thanks to the facial recognition-based biometric system devices in the biometric access control system, the algorithm on the faces of the people is read and it is possible to make the transition. The unique algorithm on people’s faces is introduced and the transition is allowed. Since each person has different areas on their faces, it is not possible for people to scan their faces instead of each other during the follow-up process. This is the key to ensuring security and helps make transitions simple. Thanks to the quality and reliability of facial recognition biometric access control system devices, it is frequently used today especially in personnel monitoring.

    Fingerprint access control system devices allow passage by reading the mark on the tip of the fingers. Since each person has different fingerprints that are their signatures, the fingerprint access control system is a very good option when there is a need for high security.

    Card access control system devices allow a safe environment order to be ensured by using card recognition technology.

    Card Access Control System

    Card access control system is a very practical and widely used control system. They are often preferred for personnel follow-up.

    The electronic card access control system is designed in various ways according to the needs and expectations of the place where they will be located. There are many reasons why it is preferred in today’s modern world. One of the most important reasons is that it provides fast passage and access and provides various facilities in the region to be used. It is preferable to establish an authorization control easily and quickly, and to expand or restrict the authority in the same way. Ease of personnel tracking and control has gained a different dimension thanks to the electronic card access control system / systems. The system can be easily integrated with mobile devices.

    In our lives, which we can separate as before and after Covid19, our priorities have gradually changed in the process we call the ‘pandemic’ period. In the periods when we started to live as the new normal, the importance of health and protection needs increased greatly. The electronic card access control system, which provides full and perfect service to meet the needs of which the importance given is increasing, is expanding its usage areas by increasing its importance in the changing world order.

    Fingerprint Access Control System

    The fingerprint access control system is based on the marks in the tip area of the fingers. Thanks to its high-precision algorithms, it offers fast recognition and high accuracy rate features.

    It is highly preferred in places that require a high level of protection. The main reason for this situation is that the fingerprint is unique to the person. Because the fingerprint is personal, it cannot be copied or changed by someone else.

    The high security service offered by the fingerprinting of the control system causes it to stand out by differentiating it from other access control systems.