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    In its simplest terms, Cisco Meraki is a Cloud-Based management system solution. Makes it easy to manage through the central structure. IT alleviates the jobs of the department's limited staff. It creates a nearly plug-and-play structure with the SD-WAN technology it uses. When using cloud-based systems, it is really easy to set up the structure, but the user interface is also very important. It's important to spend less time on the management panel and get used to it, and that's where Meraki makes a difference. Cisco Meraki is a great convenience especially for production facilities in a dispersed structure, campuses or stores located in different locations.

    Cisco Meraki, a system that works on WiFi, offers enormous convenience for SMEs in terms of digitalization.

    Benefits of Cisco Meraki


    Easy Interface

    Always Up to Date

    Cloud-Based: The management panel is accessible and manageable on any computer with an internet. Additionally, Meraki has Android and IOS compatible application. Cisco Meraki is a product that also provides important solutions in network security across cloud-based management systems.

    Easy Interface: It is easy to configure, has a quickly understandable interface and is more functional. Users with admin privileges can perform usage priorities, prioritizing critical applications, wireless access, and many different authorizations/managements, and perform operations at the device or group device level. In short, it can easily provide all the management in a few clicks.

    Always Up to Date: Because Cisco Meraki is a centralized management system, all devices that communicate and the entire system are updated simultaneously, updates are made in the global environment. This creates extra security and a smooth operating advantage.

    FMV Işık Okulları - Referans Projemiz

    Within the body of Fevziye Schools Foundation, it was using the network and Wi-Fi infrastructure it created with different brands and products designed according to the conditions of the time. There were difficulties with processes due to network issues consisting of individual devices and structures. Non-manageable devices occasionally caused an improbable chain of problems.

    Instant solutions often lead to permanent problems. While time was spent finding out the root cause of disruptions to the system, the source could not be identified. At this point, our approach was first to find a permanent, innovative, rational solution that facilitates business processes.

    At this point the Fevziye Schools Foundation has met with different brands in search of a turnkey solution that meets today’s quests. But as I mentioned above, the details are important; At this point, the solutions Cisco Meraki offers stand out as easy and understandable.

    That’s why FMV chose Cisco Meraki. The entire FMV communication network infrastructure has been redesigned on Meraki network switches. We have created a completely renewed network infrastructure in the system room and campus with MS425s running redundant stack and fiber in the backbone, MS350s running stacks in campus buildings, and MS225s and MS125s in endpoints. We created a stellar topology through cross-campus fiber wiring. Click here to review the full project story.

    We are here to help you!

    As Doğuş, We Are with You from Beginning to End of Your Project We have carried out over 600 major projects for over 35 years. We documented it by getting outputs at international standards.

    We have conducted construction of data centers of global brands such as TUBORG, ING BANK, SOCAR. We have completed the Cisco Meraki project for FMV Işık schools in the early days of 2022.
    We say, “expertise makes a difference” and we continue to gain new experiences in every job. We handle our business with a strategic partner approach and act together with you from the very beginning to the end. We do not break our ties against the problems that may arise after the completion of the project. We act together with you at every moment.
    With many years of technical expertise, certified and experienced staff, we are saving you money on remote monitoring software, system monitoring and IT resource investments. As a result of the situation analysis we make with professional software programs, we guarantee to provide minimum cost and maximum speed.

    Through this, we ensure uninterrupted and efficient maintenance of access, supporting our solutions with world-class warranties and staff, on-site or remotely if necessary, and our demo and training services are always on your side.

    Recognizing the difficulty of being a trusted firm, we are delivering our projects on time with the strength and tenacity of our agreements with the industry’s leading firms.


    • Checking Network Products over a single interface.
    • Speed and ease in solving problems.
    • Always up-to-date infrastructure
    • Reducing the workload of a limited number of IT staff.
    • IT Personnel quickly learn to configure all network switches, ports on access points correctly, as a result of short training

    Although Cisco Meraki provides a great convenience for SMEs, it offers a great convenience in the digitalization processes of brands from every sector, regardless of size. All the problems accumulated over 5 years in our work with FMV schools were easily resolved.

    First of all, if the information you are looking for is a more technical information, we recommend you to read our article: What is Cisco Meraki? If you're looking for details about your project, you can call us by filling out a form or clicking.