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    Maintenance issues are significant issues that can cause serious costs, worse, affect the workflow, operation. With our planned and expert approach, we both minimize the failure problems and offer permanent solutions to the problems that arise.

    Research shows that 70% of IT budgets are spent on maintenance and corrective operations. Long-term restriction or cessation of operations also indicates undetected material and moral losses.

    Doğuş Elektrik provides regular maintenance and support services to your devices at regular intervals in order to prevent the hazards that may occur in critical systems in data centers and to minimize the number of problems, thus ensuring the continuity of the system.

    Accordingly, we are engaged in SLA (Service Level Agreement) agreements with our customers. SLA determines how the service operates, the processes and the structure of the service, as well as how to provide it and the mutual responsibilities. At this point, with SLA agreements, we are responding to your needs and demands with our expert, certified technical staff. Based on the criticality of operations, we have different levels of agreements with firms. Examples of the variables of these agreements include the nature of the service, time for intervention and resolve, issues such as spare parts availability.
    The periodic maintenance and support services we will offer you will ensure the uninterrupted operation of your IT investments and operational business continuity, so that business interruptions in your data centers will not be a problem.


    • Energy Systems (Generator, UPS, Battery, Panel, Transformer)
    • Fire Extinguishing Systems
      Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Systems
    • Hardware connection checks
    • Network Support service
    • Control of back-up systems
      System and network security check
    • Internal and external cleaning of IT products