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    As Doğuş Elektrik Elektronik, we offer the complete service of reconstructing or reorganizing data centers that are about to be built or already existing, in accordance with international standards. In order for your valuable areas to work more efficiently and effectively, our expert team plays an active role in analysis, projecting, optimization, commissioning, maintenance and all processes.

    As Doğuş, We Are with You from Beginning to End of Your Project We have carried out over 600 major projects for over 35 years. We documented it by getting outputs at international standards.

    We have conducted construction of data centers of global brands such as TUBORG, ING BANK, SOCAR. We have completed the Cisco Meraki project for FMV Işık schools in the early days of 2022.
    We say, "expertise makes a difference" and we continue to gain new experiences in every job. We handle our business with a strategic partner approach and act together with you from the very beginning to the end. We do not break our ties against the problems that may arise after the completion of the project. We act together with you at every moment.
    With many years of technical expertise, certified and experienced staff, we are saving you money on remote monitoring software, system monitoring and IT resource investments. As a result of the situation analysis we make with professional software programs, we guarantee to provide minimum cost and maximum speed.

    Through this, we ensure uninterrupted and efficient maintenance of access, supporting our solutions with world-class warranties and staff, on-site or remotely if necessary, and our demo and training services are always on your side.

    Recognizing the difficulty of being a trusted firm, we are delivering our projects on time with the strength and tenacity of our agreements with the industry's leading firms.

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    4 steps approach in Data Center Systems

    Thanks to our “expertise makes a difference” approach and the know-how that we have achieved over the past 35 years, all projects that exist or plan with the “4 step approach” are of optimal efficiency. Our approach supports your project being in expert hands from the very beginning to the very end.
    1) Data Center Location Selection

    When we look at the researches, the percentage of disasters that may occur regarding the location where the data center will be located is around 68%. Therefore, before we begin our designs, we perform data center area positioning in line with the projects we have received from you, along with our valuable clients, by visiting the campus, building and/or office environment.

    We are studying this issue rigorously as one of the most important criteria when installing a data center is the choice of location. We are working on projecting by making optimal ground choices against factors such as water, humidity, fire, explosion, earthquake, climate conditions, terror, technological infrastructure differences, land efficiency, to reduce the risk of damage to near zero.

    2) Exploration and Design Studies

    In order to fully identify the data center needs required for your organization, we visit the site and undertake exploration efforts for all of your projects with our team of experts at Doğuş Electric. These studies are of great importance to be able to read projects fully, get product positioning right, and provide you with the most accurate solutions at global standards.

    In the immediate aftermath of these studies, the data center projection phase comes. The way to ensure business continuity without interruption is through an accurate design. Thanks to our professional and technical staff, we assess many different critical scenarios and assure you of our designs. However, with the power we get from many of our industry-specialized solutions partners, the different cost strategies we offer you will enable you to achieve the most efficient design and not compromise on quality.

    3) Field Application, Installation, and Integration Studies

    It is one of our top priorities to give you the same dedication we have shown in exploration and design efforts in data center implementation, installation, and integration.



    The success of our expert and experienced field teams is that many different products can work together through proper integration.

    The slightest possible error, incorrect installation and integration will disrupt the business continuity of our valued customers, while also causing economic losses. For this reason, in order not to experience such situations, our design team and our application team work in coordination and we apply the project we have designed for you flawlessly and deliver it to you with peace of mind.

    4) Testing and Commissioning

    At Doğuş Electric, we are carrying out our testing and commissioning services, which is our final step before delivering our project to you. First, it is tested that the necessary conditions are met for the error-free and uninterrupted operation of the installed systems. With the load banks we bring, we put the burden on the entire system and test how the system responds to this burden under scenarios that meet global standards (Level 3, 4, 5). The system is activated and operational once you have been notified and assured that the system will run smoothly by fixing any potential problems that may arise in the tests. At the same time, it is important to tag and address all the hardware controlled on the system because it is necessary so that the system can be managed properly without any confusion and that you have no problem after receiving the work. In later maintenance and repair situations, addressing projects to avoid loss of time and efficiency are also processed.

    The Data Center is a project created by the collection of all computers in a center to collect, store, process, and distribute all data in business processes.

    We are always working to ensure that you, our valued customers, sign permanent projects covering the future. That is why we offer our solutions with our exploration, projecting, field application, testing and commissioning and maintenance services respectively to provide you with benefits in the construction of an area from the very beginning or if you already have a field. As we can follow all these processes in order, we can also serve you as a single step in line with your needs.

    Thanks to these steps:

    1. Ease of project management,
    2. Provide support in separate steps,
    3. We provide faster and more accurate response to demands by being modular and flexible.

    While there is no semantic distinction between words, we are scaling up to better serve you. We use the IT Room and System room definitions on a smaller scale, while we use the Data Center definition for structures on a larger scale. For example, a project we do with 60 cabins is a data center project in terms of m².