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    The micro data center is an integrated, integrated data center solution that solves a huge problem for SMEs. It has all the elements that the System Room or a Data Center needs.

    In today's technology, all institutions working on data processing need a server and network security infrastructure. Cloud-based solutions may also not meet the capabilities. Companies with suitable physical conditions can regulate the situation by carrying out construction operations in their areas. Click here for the video of our work for Muğla Municipality. However, micro data center solution is very important for OBI and SMEs or branches that do not have sufficient physical space. Micro Data Centers can also be deployed inside work offices. On the other hand, this operation can be designed as a container and organized in different areas.

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    The issue of Micro Data Center is a serious issue that needs to be addressed like system room and data center projects. Apart from issues such as the ceiling height of the room and the resistance of the area where the project will be made to fire and disaster, air conditioning is also very important. Optimum temperature operation, required backup capacity and PUE value are among the issues to be considered. That is why it is an area that should be carefully designed by expert teams.

    As Doğuş, we have realized more than 500 major projects for more than 35 years. We have obtained and documented outputs at international standards. We have built data centers of global brands such as TUBORG, ING BANK, SOCAR. With our certified and experienced staff who have specialized in technical issues for many years, we save you money on system monitoring and IT resource investments with remote monitoring software. We guarantee to provide you with minimum cost and maximum speed as a result of the situation analysis we do with professional software programs.